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Country Club Cougars With Payton Hall And Presley St Claire

SCENE A Sexy Southern Cougars Presley St. Claire and Payton Hall are sitting and enjoying a glass of , and chatting about the country club. Presley complains about her feet hurting, and Payton tells her that shes sorry the salon was booked for pedicures but she can rub her feet! The two ladies put each others feet in their laps, and start massaging each others mature lower bodies. Your feet are so sexy! Payton moans as Presley rubs her soles. Presley starts to rub up Paytons legs, and they start to talk about how their husbands no longer satisfy them. You have toys though, dont you? Payton pulls out a tiny little vibrator, and tells Presley that she can even use it while shes driving! Payton lets Presley try out her little vibrator, and then Presley pulls out her own little toy. Payton takes a look at Presleys glass dildo, Do you ever try to see how much progress youve made? How far you can make it go? They laugh, and Payton pulls out another toy she has. Payton pulls out a clit sucker, and explains to Presley how its used. The ladies agree to try it out together, and they start to rip each others clothes off. Presley and Payton start to kiss, and rub all over each others bodies. Im freezing! Presley shivers, and begs for the two of them to jump in the hot tub. The two beautiful women run over to the hot tub, and climb in. They continue to kiss, and rub all over each other. Presley starts to fuck Payton with her glass dildo, and licks her pussy. Presley bends over, and lets Payton rub her clit with her tiny vibrator. They jump out of the hot tub and go inside. They lay towels on the couch, and Presley fucks Payton again with her glass dildo. Payton lays back, and lets Presley use her suction toy on her. They take turns fucking each other with their toys SCENE B until Conor - Paytons step-son - busts in on them! Conor is confused and asks his Mom what is going on.. What.. are you a lesbian now?! The horny ladies explain they are just friends helping each other out. Presley explains how Payton already told her so much about how her son is. gifted. Payton asks Conor if he will show Presley his cock. Conor, hesitant at first, pulls his cock out of his pants. Presley asks if she can touch it, and Conor and his Mom Payton disagree. Finally Presley convinces them to let her touch it, since she has never seen one that big. Presley grabs some lube, and rubs it over Conors cock. Can I stick it in my mouth? Presley begins to suck Conors cock, slowly and sensually while Payton watches. Payton joins in, and they both start to lick and suck Conors cock. Payton suggests that Presley try her sons cock, and Presley lays down on her back. Give me some of that young dick! Presley moans as Conor shoves his cock in her pussy. Payton moans and encourages her son to fuck her friend harder. Conor climbs off, and lets his Mom ride his cock. You want some of Mommy now? Payton starts to ride Conors cock, while Presley rides his face. They both suck his cock again, and bend over the couch. Conor takes turns fucking both of them as they are bent over. The two suck Conors cock until he cums all over both of them. Do you have anymore friends, Mom?I think I can find some, Son.

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